Prayer Requests

Request:  For Julie
Posted by Milt and Carmen Hansen
Status: Answered

We are so thankful to Him for all He has done!!!

Julie was released from ICU Friday afternoon, then allowed to go home Sunday, and we are home again.

Julie and Mike have both expressed their gratitude many times for all those praying for them.

We are thankful for His physical and emotional healing; the wisdom He provided through the hospital care givers; His encouragement, strength, peace, comfort, and travel safety; His helping hands to provide meals, running errands, and getting Mike to his doctor appointments; for other things that my mind has not recalled at this time.

Julie and Mike believe that He has provided enough support for them through their church and other family members nearby, so it was not necessary for Carmen to have to stay any longer.

Mike continues to heal very nicely, and he may be able to return to work in another month so.

Milt and Carmen Hansen

Or daughter Julie has had Crohn’s disease for several years. Stress and diet can cause severe problems with this disease.

She was admitted into ICU at the Tracy hospital late Monday. I drove Carmen down early Tuesday morning and she plans to stay in Tracy to help Mike (recovery from the motorcycle accident) and Julie whenever she is released to go home.

As of last night, Wednesday, Julie remains in ICU, but is doing much better. The doctors believe the stress from Mike’s accident was the key factor.

We are thankful to Him that Julie was in Tracy when this occurred; that no surgeries are planned; for the people from their church who are helping; for Mike’s daughters being able to get him to his doctor and physical therapy appointments; for Nazreen at the Holiday Inn for giving a discount.

We would appreciate prayers for her recovery and Mike’s, too. For Him to be glorified through this situation. For His strength and comfort for Julie, Mike, and Carmen. For Him to cause our teenage grandson, Marcus, to have the desire be helpful. For His wisdom to fill the doctors and nurses. For Him to resolve the logistics in finding a place for Carmen to stay. For His strength and wisdom as I juggle home and work responsibilities.

Milt and Carmen Hansen