AWANA - Gold Country Baptist Church
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We will do nothing that could bring dishonor to our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are to do nothing that would hurt any person, any thing or ourselves.


The five-count and three-count are used in each club to maintain order.  Children are expected to behave according to club standards.

The Five-Count

Leaders count to “five” throughout the night to quiet the clubbers down when we need their attention.  By the end of the count, everyone should be quiet and still.

The Three-Count

Used for disciplining an individual clubber who continues to misbehave after the initial correction by a leader.  It follows the “three-strikes-and you’re-out” philosophy. 
  • One-count:  The leader takes the clubber to the Director.
  • Two-count:  The Director takes the clubber to the Commander.
  • Three-count:  The Commander contacts the parents to take the clubber home early and meets with parents for discussion and resolution

We want all clubbers to come to AWANA and have a good time, but not at the expense of other clubbers.  Clubbers who have received a three-count will not be allowed to return to club unless they are willing to change their behavior.