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Handbook Guidelines

The Clubber Handbook

The handbook is an essential element of your children’s success in AWANA.   Clubbers learn about God, and the material reinforces positive moral standards.

In the Know

Entrance Booklets

Clubbers must pass the entrance booklet to earn their uniform or start a handbook in each club.

Passing Sections

Clubbers must have their handbooks at club to pass sections.

Clubbers must recite references and verses with no more than two helps per section. They also need to be able to give the definitions for  the words identified in sections.

Clubbers must say their verses to an AWANA leader or club director in person and must pass sections in order.  Exception: They may complete the “bring a friend” section at any time.

Parental Help

Encourage your children to learn self-discipline by working on their handbooks for 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Listen to their verses, ask them what the verses mean and give them 3x5 cards to help them learn. If you are not sure what the verses mean, call your children’s leaders or directors.

Set a pace that your children can comfortably follow and make sure they understand what they are learning. Determine how many sections your children need to complete each week in order to finish their books by the end of the year (Two per week is a good pace.)

Initial sections when you feel that your children have the verses memorized. Clubbers will earn 200 extra points and $1 (Awana buck) for each section that has your initials next to the signature block.. 

Resources for Parents...